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Getting my ring size

What do we need?

The ring from which we want to obtain the measurement, and a ruler.

Taking the measure.

Measure the inside diameter of the ring, placing the ruler in the center.

Double check

Take the measurement below and above the ring to make sure they match.

Diameter of a ring

The diameter of a ring passes through the center of the ring and goes from one end to the other.

Perimeter of a ring

The perimeter of a ring is the inside length of the ring.

Once you have obtained your diameter, you can find the most approximate one in our international ring size conversion table, to obtain the correspondence of the size of your country.

We always recommend using more than one method to take sizes, and thus avoid ordering one wrong size.

The best option is to ask your size at a jewelry store, but it is possible you can also download ring size apps to double check.

International ring size conversion table.

International ring size conversion table
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